Preparation to go to Saipan

Thursday, September 1, 2016

As mentioned in my last blog during for my trip to Idaho, two weeks aga I was asked if I would be willing to go to Saipan to help rebuild houses that were destroyed by a Typhoon in August of 2015 –

The paperwork for my trip is complete and I have only a few preparations left before I leave home at 3 am tomorrow ( Friday ) morning. I am scheduled to leave the Buffalo airport at 6:50 tomorrow morning for a flight to Chicago,
Buffalo to Chicago

where I will catch a flight to Honolulu,
Chicago to Hawaii

followed by a flight to Guam
Hawaii to Guam

and then a flight to Saipan.
Guam to Saipan

I should arrive in Saipan at 9 pm on Saturday, but it will be 7 am at home ( EST ).

I am not sure what the conditions are there for internet, but I will try to start a new blog for this adventure, however, if I don’t have internet access, I may end up publishing the blog when I get back.