Home Again

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My flights from Guam went as planned and I arrived in Buffalo at 11:50 pm on Saturday night. The 11 1/2 hour flight from Tokyo to Chicago seemed to go on forever. I slept a couple of times and I woke up each time thinking I had slept for several hours, only to find out that it had been about 20 minutes. I felt a sense of relief, when we finally arrived in Chicago. After clearing customs in Chicago, I had a 6 hour layover before my final flight to Buffalo.

When I exited the Buffalo airport, it was 15 C ( 60 F ) and after all of the hot weather I had experienced the last 3 weeks, it seemed quite cool to me.

My brother and sister picked me up at the airport and I finally arrived at home by 1 am on Sunday morning, 37 hours after I had arrived at the Saipan airport. I unpacked my luggage, took a shower and quickly fell asleep afterwards.

It was a long trip to Saipan, the weather was very hot and humid and the work was hard, but I feel privileged to have been able to go there and help rebuild some homes. It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed working on the houses, learning about the area and getting to know the people.

I am not sure what my next adventure will be, but for now, I just want to relax a bit.