Day 10 – Yellowstone and the Tetons

Sunday, August 22, 2016

It was a very cold restless night. I never really got to sleep for any length of time because some part of me was always cold, even though I was warmly dressed. When I checked the temperature at 7 am, it was 3 C ( 37 F ) but I am sure that it was colder than that during the evening.

Braeden was in the 2-man tent, I was in the small tent and Spencer was in his hammock.

When it was time for breakfast, I chiseled Spencer out of the ice in his hammock.

We drove to the ‘ Fishing Bridge RV Park ‘, had some breakfast at the diner, drove back to camp, packed up our tents ( and hammock ) and headed toward Old Faithful. On our way we saw another bison walking in front of a truck on the road, totally oblivious to the fact that he was holding up traffic.

When we got to Old Faithful, we walked on the boardwalk to see some of the other geysers in the park with the expectation that we would be back in time to see Old Faithful erupt at its scheduled time of 11:30 am.

Unfortunately, we weren’t quite back at 10:20 when it erupted and we only saw the end of the eruption. We decided not to wait for next eruption, so we headed south to Jackson Hole to see the Tetons.

We stopped at some of the pull-outs to take pictures of the magnificent Tetons on the way to Jackson hole. The Teton mountains are part of the Rocky mountains, south of Yellowstone National Park and they are higher than the Rockies in Yellowstone.

In Jackson Hole, we stopped for lunch and the walked around the town for a short while.

When we came to this sign and I just had to take a picture of the Miller boys in front of it.

When we left Jackson Hole, we headed back to Yellowstone and took some pictures of the Tetons.



As you can tell from the pictures, the Miller boys ( Butch Cassidy {Braeden} and the Sundance kid { Spencer} ) were having a contest to see how many different poses they could make at the various sights.

We drove through Yellowstone Park and headed towards Cody, Wyoming, where we planned to stay for the night.

Yellowstone to Cody

Day 9 – Missoula to Yellowstone Campsite

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Before we left Missoula, we stopped for breakfast at Paul’s Pancake House for breakfast. It was a popular spot and there was a bit of a lineup even though it was a large restaurant,but it as worth the 15 minute wait.

After breakfast we headed West and then south towards Yellowstone National Park.

When we got close to the park we saw some wonderful views but we could also see several forest fires burning in the park, which created a lot of smoke that we could smell in the car.

When we reached the town of West Yellowstone at the border of the park, I spotted a ” home-made ” ice cream store, which we naturally had to check out. After finishing our well-deserved ice creams, which were very good, we purchased our park ticket an we headed south towards Old Faithful. On the way we stopped to look at some elk, who were grazing on the opposite side of the Madison River that winds through the park.

As we got near Old Faithful, we some smaller geysers and the turquoise pools they created.

as well as the pools of algae that were created by the warm water from the geysers.

We skipped Old Faithful, deciding to see the next day and opted to head straight to the campgrounds to see if there were any sports available. Just before we reached the campground we saw our first, of many bison that we would see during our stay.

When we arrived at the campground around 5 pm and although it is very large, we were fortunate that there were still 8 spots available. We stood in line, signed in, set up our tents, hung up Spencer’s hammock to some trees and then headed to the nearby village to get something to eat. After we ate, we headed north to see a few more sights before it got dark. We still had enough time to take pictures of the “ canyon “. which had impressed me the last time I was here. When you take a picture of the canyon, it looks like an artist’s rendition of it because of the unusual colours of the rocks. A picture does not do it justice.

It got dark very quickly around 8:30 pm so we headed back to camp. The temperature had been in the mid 20’s C ( 70’s F ) during the day but it had quickly dropped down to 10 C ( 50 F ) after sunset.

Missoula to Yellowstone