Day 7 – Kamiah

Thursday, August 18, 2016

After breakfast we headed to the house and arrived there shortly after 8 am. We had a very successful day. Carl, Clyde and Richard finished the siding while the rest of us finished the insulation, the ceiling drywall and a good portion of the perimeter walls.

While we were working, the lady that we helped the day before, came to the house. She said that our organization could probably use millions of dollars but, not having that much, she wanted to donate $50 for MDS to use. She also told Cletus that she felt that we were the skin of Jesus, to which he replied that we are not qualified to be the skin of Jesus but we allow ourselves to be used by Him so that in some way we are symbolically His hands and feet on earth, trying to do a little of the practical work that needs to be done.

After we finished for the day, we cleaned up and headed back down to our site. The elevation at the house was 945 meters ( 3100 ft ) and the temperature was 32 C ( 89 F ). When we reached our home base at the church, the elevation was 390 meters ( 1270 ft ) and the temperature was 37 C ( 99 C ).

We had another wonderful supper, after which, Carl, Mark and I dropped off Spencer and Braeden at the side of the river that runs through the town, so that they could go ” tubing ” while we went fishing. The results for the fishing weren’t very good, as none of us caught any fish, however, Spencer ( wearing his father’s work boots?? ) and Braeden had a good time floating 2 miles down the river on the inner tubes. We picked them up at the side of the road at 8:15, just when it was starting to get dark, and headed back to camp.

Kamiah is an interesting town and it has a very detailed website describing almost everything about the area –

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