Day 6 – Kamiah

Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

After a hearty breakfast, we were able to make it to the job site without any detours and immediately started our jobs.

Braeden continued the insulation work. Mark, Spencer, Clete and myself installed the drywall on the ceiling, while Clyde, Richard and Carl continued to install the siding.

Our Site Director and expert ” roto zipper “, Cletus Yoder, cut the holes around the electrical boxes:


Mark putting up drywall:


Shortly after we started working, Bob, the homeowner arrived at the house with his daughter and Cletus reviewed a few items with them:


While we were having lunch, a lady stopped at the house and asked if we could help tow her Subaru out of the ditch about a mile from the house. We drove with her to where the car was stuck in the shallow ditch, pushed the car out of the ditch and then we boosted the battery because the starter wouldn’t turn over. Before she left, she thanked us for helping her and for the work we were doing on the house for her neighbour.

We had a very successful day. Everyone worked very hard and we got a lot accomplished. When we returned to camp, Mark and I went with Carl to get our fishing licenses and then we returned for another wonderful meal of Hawaiian chicken, rice and Mediterranean salad and a wonderful frozen fruit dessert made by our vegetarian cook, Barbara.

After supper Carl, Mark and I went fly fishing in the river next to the camp. We each caught some fish although I won’t say how big they are because size doesn’t matter.