Day 44 – Last Day in Australia

Monday, Feb 29, 2016

I took the downtown train to the wharf and walked around the area to the Sky Harbour Bridge.


I went up the stairs to the bridge and started walking down the 3 meter ( 10 ft ) wide pathway that crosses the bridge. I climbed the top of the tower on the right and took some pictures of the city in all directions. This is a southward view, back towards the way I came.


This is a view of the suspension bridge to the north. If you look closely on the right-hand side, you can see people, tethered to a safety cable, who paid A$ 250 for a 3 hour tour to the top of the bridge.


After reading about the building of the bridge and watching a short video, I proceeded across the bridge to the other north side where I had a small lunch, before returning back to Summer Hill.

Now all that’s left to do, is pack up and get ready for my flight back home tomorrow morning. I will be taking the train from Summer Hill at 7 am and I should arrive at the airport before 8 am. That should give me enough time to catch my flight home.

Summer Hill to Airport

My flight is scheduled to leave Sydney at 11:10 am on Tuesday, which is 8:10 pm on Monday night back home. After a 14 hour flight to Las Angeles,

Sydney to Los Angeles

a 3 hr and 40 min flight to Minneapolis,

LA to MN

a 2 hr and 11 min flight to Buffalo,

MN to Buffalo

I will arrive at 10:52 pm on Tuesday night, 27 hours after the time I left Sydney. If I am lucky enough to have someone willing to pick me up at the airport, I should make it across the border before midnight. If not, I might have an opportunity to stay in Buffalo for a night!

2 thoughts on “Day 44 – Last Day in Australia

    1. Thanks for the offer.
      My sister and brother-in-law said they would pick me up, so unless something happens I should be good to go with them.

      Thanks again.


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