Day 33 – Peterborough to Torquay

Thursday, Feb 18, 2016

Peterborough to Torquay

It had drizzled rain off-and-on all night but it stopped at sunrise. I woke up at 5:30 am, after a good sleep and started to pack up, before walking to a cafe for breakfast. After breakfast I started driving towards Torquay.

I didn’t get too far. I reached several ” lookouts ” that I hadn’t had time to see before and I was glad I had the time to see them now. They were amazing.





Notice the cave at the right side near the water. Of course I had to go into it.


I couldn’t believe how big the cave was. This is a picture from the back of the cave facing outwards.


I had a lot more pictures of the shoreline and I have placed them in a folder and I have imbedded a link to them, in case someone wants to see more pictures indicating the artwork created by the water wind and sand –!3176&authkey=!AH8gm5jSiwFsuRk&ithint=folder%2cjpg .

As I walked along the paths, I noticed something ” slithering ” away very quickly. It didn’t seem like a snake and later I saw two more. The last one I saw on the path and it stayed around long enough to get a picture of him. I believe it is a newt.


I stopped for lunch close to Apollo and there were several parakeets outside. I could see why they were there. The owner had bird feeders strategically placed outside the windows which were attracting the parakeets and in turn attracted customers.


I was about to leave when a young fellow who had just been dropped off by someone at the cafe, waved at me and asked if I could give him a ride to Apollo. I offered him a ride and found out that he was hiking the south coast while his parents were in Sydney at a ” soil ” conference. His father is a soil expert and he is a hotel manager in Wisconsin who loves to hike and travel. I dropped him off at his car in Apollo and then continued on to Torquay.

On the way, I noticed that a fire had recently destroyed many hectares of land along the beach. I saw many evidences of fire damage in northern Canada this summer, but here the vegetation is a little different. Both New Zealand and Australia have fire bans in effect, in many areas because of drought conditions, however this area does not have a fire ban at the moment.


When I finally reached Torquay, I reserved a campsite, set up my tent and went to the beach. I went into the water but I didn’t swim, because the waves were too rough and there were numerous young people learning to surf.


This is my last full day in South Australia. Tomorrow I am scheduled to fly to Cairns in the northeast.

4 thoughts on “Day 33 – Peterborough to Torquay

  1. Hi Ralf
    I checked out the extra pictures you sent. Great to take in the beauty of this big wide world we live in. You are blessed. Continue to be safe in your travels. Carol ✈

  2. Finally Peggy and I are home from California and I can catch up on all of you Australian adventures. Be safe and enjoy Cairns…

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