Preparations for New Zealand

As one trip completes, another one starts. My Yukon trip is all but a distant memory, however, I have my blog to help me remember some of the details of the trip.

Now, preparations are now almost complete for a 6-week trip to New Zealand and Australia.

I will be leaving from Buffalo on Saturday, January 16th and I will be stopping in San Francisco for a few days before heading to New Zealand. I will stay in New Zealand until the middle of February and then travel to Australia before returning home on March 1st.

I will attempt to journal my daily adventures for future reference and for anyone who wishes to follow my escapades.

3 thoughts on “Preparations for New Zealand

  1. Hi Ralf I’m looking forward to read about your new adventure , as in the last years. Have a wonderful trip. With love and blesssings Catinha

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  2. Ralf,
    Safe travels and may God protect you as you explore His beautiful playground. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    Take care,
    Pete and Kathy

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