Day 30 – Friday, July 24 ( Thunder Bay )

It was a cool, cloudy, overcast day that slowly gave way to some sunshine. The day started out at 17 C (63F), with a little bit of rain, but it warmed up to 26 C (79F) by the afternoon.

I stayed in the Thunder Bay area for the day and went to Hoitos Restaurant, for breakfast, the one I went to when I first came to Thunder Bay. I was told that the restaurant had financial difficulties, until a Finnish investor helped them out. They have excellent ratings and when I went there at 9 am, there was a lineup at the door, which never ended the whole time that I was there. I saw people coming in to the restaurant when I got there and there was still a lineup to get in, when I left. No one had to wait long, perhaps a few minutes at the most, but, as people were seated, more people came in.

After breakfast I took a drive to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, which has a waterfall on the Kaministiquia River, located beside the village of Kakabeka Falls in the municipality of Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario, 30 km west of the city of Thunder Bay.. Several people had recommended that I see the falls and since I had a some time, I went to see them. It is a very nice park area and I would plan to stay in one the campsites if I come this way again.




I hiked along a couple of the trails until I came to ” Little Falls ” and then hiked back to the entrance.


Later that afternoon, I went to the Metropolitan Moose Beanery and Cafe in the village of Kakabeka Falls.

Metropolitan Cafe

This is also highly recommended cafe and I can see why. Although it is a very small, intimate cafe, which is family owned and operated, the food and service were both excellent. Most of the food is home-made.

Tomorrow I will continue my trip and I won’t know for sure which direction I will be taking until I reach the “fork in the road”.

One thought on “Day 30 – Friday, July 24 ( Thunder Bay )

  1. Well i guess the adventure is still unfolding,the choice has been made,you made the big FORK on the road descision,we will see it on next blog.
    Ontario has its charm ,any direction full of exciting places to explore,looking forward
    to our next super stories/pics.
    Ciao your envious sis

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