Day 29 – Thursday, July 23 ( Grunthal to Thunder Bay, ON)

Grunthal to Thunder Bay

The temperature was 21 C (72F) when I got up and it got as high as 28 C (82F).

Gordon and his family actively volunteer to help others whenever they can. In the morning, I went with Gordon as he went to supervise the preparation for the building of a new home. Gordon, together with members of their church, have volunteered to help rebuild the home for a newly emigrated Paraguayan couple, who had recently had a fire in their home, making it inhabitable. The Backhoe didn’t arrive at 8 am, as scheduled, so he got a chain saw and together with the help of his son, John, they cut down a 50 ft tree, that would be in the way. After that we went back to the house for breakfast.

After breakfast, I drove to Steinbach and bought some local honey, before continuing my trip to Ontario.

The past few days I had crossed a couple of time zones and to prepare for them, I changed my clocks to the new time zone before I left, so that I immediately lost an hour in the morning. I crossed the border into Ontario shortly after noon, central time and knowing that there would be a time change close to Thunder Bay, I turned my clocks ahead in anticipation of the lost hour.

I stopped in Kenora for gas and some lunch. Kenora is a beautiful city on the water’s edge in northwestern Ontario. It is surrounded by water and it is a favourite summer getaway for many people.

I’m not much of a shopper, however, on the way from Kenora I stopped at the Egli’s Sheep Farm in Minnitaki and bought a few items. The store is impressive and their products can be purchased online at .

I continued my drive to Thunder Bay and it started to rain a bit as I got near Thunder Bay, so I again opted to find a motel room for the night instead of camping.

I plan to stay an extra night in Thunder Bay and enjoy the area before continuing my trip home.

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