Day 28 – Wednesday, July 22 ( Swift Current, SK to Grunthal, MB)

Swift Current to Grunthal, MB

The temperature was 21 C ( 72F ) when I got up and got warmer as they day progressed but it didn’t get higher than 29 C (84F). It rained as I approached the Manitoba border but I missed most of the rain that was in the area.

I spent most of the day driving to Winnipeg and then heading south to Grunthal. My wheel bearing continues to more loudly and I can make the pitch of the hum change by adjusting my speed.

The landscape changed from flat prairie land with few trees to being mostly flat with trees surrounding the grain and livestock farms, as I got closer to Manitoba.

I reached Grunthal late in the evening and I stopped there to visit with Gordon and Maria Martens, meet some of there family and get a tour of their farm. I had a very nice time with there and they insisted that I stay the night with them. This was a nice opportunity to get a good nights sleep before heading back to Ontario.

I have several options for coming home after I leave Thunder Bay and I haven’t decided which one I will be taking.
I can take the normal route around the Great Lakes through Sudbury, Parry Sound and Toronto, I can take the long route farther north past Timmons, I can take the short cut through the US or I can take the shortcut across Manitoulin Island, which requires me to take a $90 ferry ride to Tobermory.

Option 1

Option 3

Option 2

I can’t take the US route because I have Manitoba farmer’s sausage with me and from the remaining options, I am leaning towards going to Manitoulin Island and taking the ferry to Tobermory, but the final decision won’t be made until I am actually on the road from Thunder Bay. If you know which way I’m going to go, then you know me better than I do. I like not knowing where I’ll be. It’s much more interesting that way.

2 thoughts on “Day 28 – Wednesday, July 22 ( Swift Current, SK to Grunthal, MB)

  1. Hi Ralf. I have been following your blog. It’s been very interesting! Have a safe trip home. See you in a couple of weeks. I’m off to my work camp for two weeks.
    Sean McKenna

    1. Sean,
      Thanks for getting me in touch with your sister. She helped me a lot and I enjoyed visiting with her.
      I’ll see you when you get back from your cottage.

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