Day 22 – 24: Thurs – Sat, July 16 – 18 ( Surrey, BC )

The temperature in Surrey was warm and sunny while I was there.

I spend 3 days visiting with my nephew Tim, his wife Shannon and their 2 children, Warren and Kevin, as well as Shannon’s parents, George and Pauline Leduc.


I had a wonderful time visiting with them, but it had to come to an end as it was time to start my journey home.

I took time to clean my car, repack everything and have the tires re-balanced.

2 thoughts on “Day 22 – 24: Thurs – Sat, July 16 – 18 ( Surrey, BC )

  1. Great family picture,so nice that you spent some time there getting to know,the boys,hm i am just a little envious oh well hopefully ,soon T,Hamm,enterage will visit .
    now the adventure to the unknown continous,still a lot of exciting travel.ahead,
    we hope the GPS will guide you.correctly it has been known to screw up.
    Happy trails ,
    your sis

  2. We loved having you here uncle Ralf! Warren now asks to play tic toc!!! It was great seeing you and we are looking forward to our next visit!

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