Day 21 – Wednesday, July 15 ( Prince George to Surrey)

Prince George to Surrey

The temperature was 11 C (52F) and it was raining when I got up. It rained for the first couple of hours as I travelled south but then the rain stopped and the temperature got warmer. By the time I reached Surrey it was 27 C (80F).

I headed south on Highway 97 when I left Prince George and the scenery still consisted of forested mountains and valleys, however, there were many grain and livestock farms along the way.



After a couple of hours I left the 97 and continued on Highway 1 and the terrain changed to a desert-like atmosphere, with scrub brush and burned grass even though there is a large river running through the mountains.




The road wound back and forth through the mountains and even though the posted speed limit was 90 to 100 kph in some sections of the road, there were many times when I couldn’t safely drive at that speed.

As I was winding my way through the mountains, I could see a freight train driving along the tracks located near the river’s edge


After a few hours the terrain changed back to forested mountains and valleys only to give way to the larger cities in the south.


I arrived at Tim and Shannon’s house in Surrey at 6 pm. We had a wonderful dinner and Shannon’s parents joined us afterwards for a visit.

I will be staying here for a few days before slowly heading back home.

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