Day 10 – Saturday, July 4th (Grand Prarie, AB to Watson Lake, YT)

The temperature was 13 C when I got up and the temperatures varied from 10 C to 23 C during the day. It was mostly cloudy but there were periods of sunshine and a little rain.

The first thing I did was fill up the gas tank and scrub the bug cemetery off of the windshield. Washing wasn’t good enough. The windshield has to be scrubbed every time I fill up with gas so that I can see road.

I headed to Dawson Creek where I turned onto the Alaska Highway, # 97. Dawson Creek is mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. As soon as I turned the corner, my GPS told me to go 1400 km until the next turn, which happens to be in Whitehorse.

The time changed at Dawson Creek, so I gained another hour as everything shifted to Pacific Standard Time.

There are signs in BC that we don’t have in Ontario, such as this one.


Shortly after reading this sign I saw this.


For the next 90 km there were Bison on the side of the road. I was travelling at the highway speed of 100 km/hr when I came upon this fellow who decided to cross the road.


It might be hard to see through all the bug splatter on my windshield but this bison sauntered across the road. Fortunately I saw him in time to stop without slamming on my brakes.

He gave me the evil eye as I slowly drove past him.


A short while later I saw this fellow on the side of the road.


He didn’t smell me ( go figure ) but as soon as he saw me he took off and I was only able to get a blurry picture of his rear end as he bolted into the bush.


There is a lot of beautiful scenery in the Rockies and I tried to get as many pictures as possible, but its hard to get the camera to create a picture that the eye sees.






When I was almost at the Yukon border, there was suddenly a lot of smoke in the air and it may my mouth and eyes very dry. As you can see from this photo, the smoke almost blocked out the sun.



After a short distance I saw the smoke billing up from behind a mountain and as soon as I passed the area, the air was clear again.

By the way, the picture was taken at 7 pm and the sun was still very high in the sky. At 11 pm it is still quite bright outside in the Yukon.