Day 6 – Tuesday, June 30 ( Drive to Winnipeg)

It was sunny and dry for the drive to Winnipeg. The temperature was 10 C (50F), when I got up in the morning and it had warmed up to 24 C (75F). The daylight hours are longer now. The official daylight hours are from 6 am – 10 pm in Thunder Bay, but it seemed like it started to get light at 5 am and didn’t get dark until 10:30 pm.

I got up early, packed up the tent and left the campsite.


I drove into Thunder Bay for a breakfast of Finnish pancakes at the Hoitos restaurant, as recommended by my niece. Hoitos is very popular secluded restaurant and it is in the basement of a store in the downtown area. It was an excellent choice. The Finnish pancakes were a form of crepe and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I struck up a conversation with the couple at the table next to mine and I found out that it was his 82nd birthday. I hope to be doing as well when I reach his age, if I live that long.

I stopped long enough to update my blog and then headed northwest, out of Thunder Bay.

Shortly after I left, I entered the central time zone, so I gained and hour.

I never tire of driving through the endless forests and lakes. It was a scenic drive with typical northern views and the farther I drove, the more plentiful the lakes were. The varied shades of green trees were complimented by the yellow, white, orange wildflowers along the road.


When I arrived in Winnipeg, I found a nice hotel, checked in and then repacked the car.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting a few people and picking up a few more supplies for camping.

5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Tuesday, June 30 ( Drive to Winnipeg)

  1. Hi Ralf:

    Back from Europe and enjoying your blog.

    Your walking stick has many more km on it.

    Daniel won his JrB game last night – said hello to Juergen at the game as well.

    that 2 hour stretch through the rock cut highway as you leave Ontario before getting to Manitoba – is awesome.

    I did it late one winter’s night (I worked up there for a while at Ear Falls) in a snow storm with 18 wheelers coming towards me at every turn ganged up it streams of 5 or more.

    Very white knuckle drive – never forget it. Found a station playing older rock and roll had the radio cranked and sang along with every song to keep me awake.

    Have fun



    1. I’m sure your trip was great. I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing pictures.

      I agree about the drive through the rock walls around Kenora. I wish I could have pulled over and taken a picture. It is an awesome sight. Fortunately for me, there wasn’t a lot of traffic and the weather was great. I must have been listening to the same station, at least as long as I had reception and then I switched back to listening to the songs on my iPhone.

      Congratulations to Daniel for winning their lacrosse game. It sounds like the team is doing well.

      All my best to you and your family.


  2. Hi Ralf
    Happy Canada Day. I enjoying reading about your trip. I get to read about your adventures. Your picture of the deer is so close and unusual. Loved it.
    I found out that by clicking on your pictures they will be seen in a larger size, great for my older eyes 🙂

  3. Hi Ralf
    Happy Canada Day.
    I have enjoyed reading about your adventure.
    The picture of the deer is most impressive. I found out by clicking on the pictures, they appear in a larger version, making everthying clear for my older eyes 🙂
    I am looking forward to reading more.
    This might be a duplicate since my message dissapeared before I completed all information,

  4. Hi Ralf,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I will check it daily for updates. The scenery looks amazing and Sharon and I will be taking that route to Geraldton in August later this summer to visit our son and his family. Glad to read that you are feeding the mosquitoes so we won’t have to. Enjoy your journey, God bless. Randy and Sharon

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