Day 6 – Tuesday, June 30 ( Drive to Winnipeg)

It was sunny and dry for the drive to Winnipeg. The temperature was 10 C (50F), when I got up in the morning and it had warmed up to 24 C (75F). The daylight hours are longer now. The official daylight hours are from 6 am – 10 pm in Thunder Bay, but it seemed like it started to get light at 5 am and didn’t get dark until 10:30 pm.

I got up early, packed up the tent and left the campsite.


I drove into Thunder Bay for a breakfast of Finnish pancakes at the Hoitos restaurant, as recommended by my niece. Hoitos is very popular secluded restaurant and it is in the basement of a store in the downtown area. It was an excellent choice. The Finnish pancakes were a form of crepe and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I struck up a conversation with the couple at the table next to mine and I found out that it was his 82nd birthday. I hope to be doing as well when I reach his age, if I live that long.

I stopped long enough to update my blog and then headed northwest, out of Thunder Bay.

Shortly after I left, I entered the central time zone, so I gained and hour.

I never tire of driving through the endless forests and lakes. It was a scenic drive with typical northern views and the farther I drove, the more plentiful the lakes were. The varied shades of green trees were complimented by the yellow, white, orange wildflowers along the road.


When I arrived in Winnipeg, I found a nice hotel, checked in and then repacked the car.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting a few people and picking up a few more supplies for camping.