Day 5 – Monday, June 29 ( Camping at Sleeping Giant)

It was cooler and overcast most of the day and there were a few “ drizzles “ of rain, late in the day.

I slept well and after breakfast, I went to the rangers station and paid for a couple of nights stay, however, the ranger suggested that I move my tent to a site along the water and so she picked out a very nice spot for me, with a great view of the “ sleeping giant “, which is a landscape of an island in the water that looks like a sleeping giant and according to Indian Legend it is an Indian Chieftain.


With the new site selected, I decided to go for a hike on one of the many trails in the area. This ended up being more strenuous than I had hoped, but then it was my doing. The hike started out relatively easy with a 6.5 km walk in rolling terrain, until I got to Sawyer beach. I decided to take a different way back and go to a lookout point on the way back. I started the new route and it had a gradual climb to it, but then it suddenly went almost straight up for a kilometer. I had to watch my step because it was very steep and slippery. I took a few breaks on the way up, because my heart was running a lot faster and my breathing was heavier than normal.

I was only part way up when I noticed I was getting a cell signal, so I took care of my 14 emails and a voicemail from 11 pm the previous night.

The views at the top was spectacular. Unfortunately, the foggy mist was rolling in through the hills, just as I reached the top and the visibility was limited.



After I took the pictures, I walked back and forth along the top trying to find where the trail went but I couldn’t find it. It seemed to end at the lookout and the only way down from there was a sheer drop. That wasn’t in my plans, so I reluctantly decided to go back the way I came.

When I got back to the point where the trail had split off, I read the sign a little closer.


I had missed two “ small “ points. This was an “ extreme “ climb and it was a one-way trip!

I had heard the “ scurrying “ small animals as I hiked the trails but I was surprised that I didn’t see any larger animals. I only saw a deer and a rabbit along the trail and those I can see at home.

When I arrived at camp, there was a young deer that was feeding in the camp. That was not unusual, however, I got a picture of him standing on his hind legs to strip some branches from a tree. I knew they could do this, but I had never seen it in real life.


I had a good laugh as I was driving around the campground when I saw a young girl, about 5 years old, walk up to a puddle, stop and then jump as high as she could into the middle of the puddle. She was laughing as she continually jumped up and down in the puddle, just like tigger from Winnie the Pooh. My mother used to accuse me of doing the same thing but, of course, I don’t recall doing that.

I plan to pack up in the morning and stop at a recommended restaurant called “ Hoitos “ in Thunder Bay for “ Finnish “ pancakes, before leaving for Winnipeg. It should be an 8 hour drive.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Monday, June 29 ( Camping at Sleeping Giant)

  1. OK we are commenting on your June 29 post because we want to be the first to say Happy Birthday. Also Merlin was asking “If my master is 60 now will the government give him enough money (CPP) to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to? Scratch that, cats don’t have masters, call him my provider!

    1. Thanks. I don’t feel any different than any other day!

      Merlin is well taken care of as long as he keeps doing his job.

      BTW – I met someone at breakfast whose birthday is today and he’s 82. I hope I’m doing as well as him when I’m 82, if I live that long.

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