Day 17 – Wichita

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No travelling today. I spent the day in meetings at the Oxy plant in Wichita, to review the safety of large storage vessels for flammable materials, in this case, horizontal tanks ( aka bullets ) containing Methyl Chloride.
The people were very nice and the review went well.

I am impressed with Wichita. The people were all very friendly. The terrain is still relatively flat but there are more trees than West Kansas. There are no tall buildings blocking the view of the landscape and the homes and office buildings all were well maintained and manicured.

We had a wonderful meal at a very nice restaurant and we went to bed early because Don & Ron needed to catch the 6 am flight back to Buffalo ( via Atlanta ) and I wanted to get an early start for my 7 hr ride to Cabot Arkansas.

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