Day 14 – Leaving the Rockies

Monday, June 17, 2013

It was with mixed feelings that I packed up my tent and belongings left the peace and serenity of the Rocky Mountains, but it’s time to go home. Maybe its because there are no mountains where I live, that I enjoy them so much.

I grabbed a quick ‘ brunch ‘ before I left Estes Park and then meandered through the Rocky Mountains, one more time.

I passed through Denver and the landscape became flat. It reminded me of the Canadian prairies, where you can see for miles, quite a contrast from the mountains I had just left. I stopped in Limon, Colorado and spent part of the afternoon cleaning up, my motorcycle and myself.

3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Leaving the Rockies

  1. GUTEN TAG ,we can look forward to many more adventure stories,as far as fishing goes well ,little brother we understand the big one got away…..yes your house ,etc still wating for the owner to reapear cat is getting fatter,weeds thistles r growing ducks r swimming,on the lawn haha and we r counting sleeps till you arrive
    see ya soon
    ciao ulla

      1. Did you expect anything else.
        She has to be different, but then, who am I to talk. I’m not your normal run-of-the-mill Canadian either. I don’t even drink beer but then there are others who make up for me!

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