Day 7 – Wyoming

Monday, June 10th, 2013

After a restful nights sleep, I headed west on I90, crossed the Wyoming border and stopped at the Information Center before making a side trip to the ‘ Devil’s Tower ‘. This unique ‘ igneous intrusion ‘ ( or mountain, for lack of a better word ) was well worth the side trip. I walked around its circumference and took numerous pictures especially of the people climbing it.

Leaving the Devil’s Tower I had already made up my mind where I was going to stay. When I saw the name on the map I knew that there was only one place I could to stay, and that was Cody ( my family would understand why ), which is an hour east of the Yellowstone entrance.

The landscape in Wyoming is very interesting, as were all the states that I passed through. Whereas, the other states had vast farmlands, Wyoming has more rocky terrain that is less suitable for farming. Nevertheless, it has a lot of interesting sights. The mountain passes had winding roads through majestic forests and I saw eagles, deer, bison ( aka buffalo ) and prairie dogs.

I met several interesting people on the way. On Sunday, I met a fellow originally from North Carolina, now living in South Dakota, who had frequently gone to Tillsonburg, Ontario to pick Tobacco during his youth. On Monday, I met a couple who have a relative in Grimsby and a fellow who liked my bike because it was built in Germany, which he had left many years ago to come to America. I also met a couple of fellows from North Carolina who were riding the new BMW 1600 motorcycles. They had 16000 miles on there motorcycles compared to the 15000 I have on mine.

There are occasional thunderstorms forecast for the next 3 days in the Yellowstone area so I am planning to get a site for 3 days in the park and see what happens.

Can you spot the climbers on the tower?




5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Wyoming

  1. Sounds like your having a great time my friend. I love reading your blog. Stay safe and keep the awesome pics coming.

  2. Devil’s Tower is quite impressive! Might have to add it to my “bucket list” of places to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
    Trust that the lack of posts in recent days is a choice to “unplug” for a few days and just enjoy the wonders of God’s creation in Yellowstone and the surrounding area! Stay safe from t-storms, grizzlies and bison and make the most of each day!

    1. The lack of posts was due to lack of Internet & Wifi availability. I re-entered the land of communication at noon on Friday and I had a lot of catching up to do.

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