Day 6 – Mount Rushmore

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

It was cloudy and cool ( 14 deg C or 57 F for my metrically challenged friends ) when I left Chamberlain but after an hour it became sunny, windy and warm. There were severe wind gusts and although the bike handled them very well, I had to lean down to keep myself from being blown off of it.

I made good use of another time change an hour west of Chamberlain because I had a lot of sight-seeing planned.
By 12:30, I had reached the Badlands of South Dakota and I spent several hours riding through the Badlands and stopping to take pictures. The Badlands are aptly described in Wikipedia as ” sharply buttes, pinnacles and spires blended with the largest undisturbed grass prairie in the United States “. They are very interesting.
Badlands South Dakota
Badlands South Dakota
After leaving the Badlands, I rode through Rapid City to Mount Rushmore. I hiked the trail in front of the mountain and I asked to see the Hidden Hall of Records built into the mountain but I was told that it was not open to the public. The detail in the carvings are very impressive and they depict 4 people. Without looking it up, who knows their American history and can tell me the names of the 4 men depicted on Mount Rushmore?
Mount Rushmore
I left Mount Rushmore and rode to the Crazy Horse Memorial. It isn’t finished but I was very impressed by the scope and dedication of the people to the memorial.
I then topped off my day by riding through the twisting mountain roads which included numerous hairpin and 270 degree turns that made for a challenging and interesting ride.
By this time it was very late, so I opted to call it a day and find a room in Rapid City, South Dakota.