Day 5 – Chamberlain, South Dakota

Saturday, June 8th

It was cool when I left La Crosse and rode over the Mississippi into Minnesota.   I had checked the weather before I left and found out that there was a storm front between Wisconsin and central South Dakota that was going to be in the area for 2 days and I wanted to try to get far enough to miss the worst part of it.
Two hours into my ride it started to drizzle and then it rained for the next  four hours until I got to the boundary of the storm and stopped for the night at Chamberlain on the shores of the Missouri River in South Dakota.  Although my suit and helmet kept me dry, the water on the outside of the suit made it feel cold at highway speeds ( because I hadn’t brought my insulated liners ) and  my leather gloves were soaked making my hands black ( from the leather dye ) and wrinkled.  Hopefully everything will have dried out by tomorrow.  The weather should be warm and dry for the next few days.


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