Day 4 – La Crosse, Wisconsin

Friday, June 7th, 2013

After breakfast on Friday morning I left Sturgis to continue my trip.   15 minutes later, I crossed the border into Indiana and I headed west to Chicago on I90.  There are a lot of tolls in Indiana and Illinois so I was glad that I had the EZ-Pass transponder on my motorcycle so that I didn’t have to pay cash.   I pulled over into the cash lanes to make sure that it would work but every time I got near the gate it would open and the attendant waved me through.

It was overcast and warm most of the day but the sun did escape through the clouds a few times.   I headed north-west after I got past Chicago and I stopped at the Wisconsin information center to find out where I might stay for the night.  When the agent suggested that I visit La Crosse I knew that it was going to be my destination for the night, since I used to play lacrosse and it is on the Mississippi river.  With the time change near Chicago, I arrived in La Crosse at 6:30 pm central time so I stopped for the night at a hotel on the Mississippi river and I had a chance to walk along the river after supper.

La Crosse Wisconsin

Day 3 – Amigo Centre and surrounding area

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

On Thursday I met some of the local residents during breakfast.  After breakfast, there was time to see some of the sights in the area and go canoeing for a few hours.   I was invited for a wonderful meal prepared by friends of Cheryl’s , Jim & Faith.   I had a wonderful time visiting with them.

The restored Langley covered bridge originally built in 1887


Rawson's Mill
Rawson’s Mill – shut down in the mid 1900’s


Day 2 – Sturgis, Michigan

Wednesday, June 5th

When I reached the border on Wednesday morning, I used the Nexus lane to cross over to the US.   As I pulled up to talk to the border guard, he informed me that I had been randomly selected by the computer to have my vehicle and its contents inspected.  OK, ‘ who called him ?’  Fortunately, the whole incident only took 10 minutes.

The rest of the day was uneventful.  I arrived in Sturgis, Michigan at 6 pm at the Amigo Centre,, which is a retreat/recreation center.  I met Cheryl Mast, who is the outdoor education co-ordinator.  We had a nice chicken BBQ, followed by a tour of the facilities before she took me to the Amigo camp park to check into a cabin.  I considered tenting, but opted for cabin so that I could charge my helmet and phone.


Cheryl Mast in front of the Nature Center.